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Have you been accused of a crime or arrested? If so, it is crucial to your case to speak with a qualified Alabama criminal defense lawyer. I've helped thousands of people. You can be fully confident in our ability to defend your interests.

We proudly serve clients throughout Alabama and the greater Huntsville area,
including Madison County, Marshall County, Morgan County, Limestone County, Jackson County and surrounding areas.

Alabama DUI Lawyer
I have been successfully defending individuals charged with DUI in Alabama for over 20 years, and recognized as one of Alabama's top DUI and criminal defense lawyers. At George Flowers Law, we are experienced and skilled Alabama lawyers committed to DUI and criminal defense.
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I have one objective in DUI or criminal cases - to win. My goal is the same as your goal. And if you hire George Flowers as your attorney then your goal is to avoid being convicted. If you do not care about the outcome of your case, there are other lawyers you can hire. But if your case is important to you, and you are going to take this matter seriously, I want to talk to you.

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